Our signature candles are available in nine fragrances in a simple matt black glass.

We also offer limited edition scents throughout the year.

You will be able to smell your signature candle as soon as you take it out of the box; it's the thing that our customers always remark on when they make their

first purchase with us!


We are delighted to announce a new scented candle created in collaboration with Tonys Glassworks.

Tony is a glass craftsman skilled in window  restoration and stained glass. Unhappy with the amount of glass wastage he encountered in his local area, he rescues empty wine and spirit bottles from local and bars and restaurants and turns them into wonderful glassware.

Made from recycled prosecco bottles, they are available in four of

our signature fragrances. 

Follow Tony on Instagram at tonys_glassworks


We use a high percentage of fragrance oils in all our products to achieve the best possible scent throw.


Place one of our wax melts in a tea light oil burner and once the wax has completely melted you can blow out the tea light and the aroma will continue to fill the room for several hours. You can reuse the melt multiple times until the scent disappears.


Sold in boxes of six melts (same fragrance), or why not try our selection box which has one of each of our signature fragrances. 


All our concrete containers are hand made by concrete specialist Smith & Goat. 

As your candle burns, the concrete takes on a wonderful patina from the wax, so once the candle is finished you can re-use the container ... try planting it up with succulents or fill it with pencils.

Available in three sizes, we also offer

limited edition colours throughout the year.

Follow Smith & Goat on Instagram at



We want you to get the best out of your Cera products, so try your wax melts in our ceramic oil burner and care for your candles with our matt black stainless steel wick trimmers ... Cera accessories give you

home fragrance care with style!


Launching 14th January 2021


A limited edition fragrance

for Valentines Day.


We have created a spicy floral that will suit every taste even if your preference is for a more masculine scent.

Available as a candle or wax melts.

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