We are chandlers making small batch, handmade scented candles in East London.


We have created candles that have a simple, structural look using a soft

creamy natural wax that maximises scent throw, even when unlit.

You shouldn't have to light a candle to enjoy it.

We can't change the world,

but we can make it smell a whole lot better.


We are delighted to announce a new scented candle created in collaboration with Tonys Glassworks.

Tony is a glass craftsman skilled in window  restoration and stained glass. Unhappy with the amount of glass wastage he encountered in his local area, he rescues empty wine and spirit bottles from local and bars and restaurants and turns them into wonderful glassware.

Made from recycled prosecco bottles, these 30cl candles are available in 4 of

our signature fragrances. 



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