We source the highest grade wax available in Europe. It has a creamy texture and a low melting point to allow superb scent throw, whether the candle is burning or not.

The default wick for a candle is, and has historically been, a single wick. We have tested our candles and the results are two different candle experiences.
Single wick: For first burn leave the wick slightly longer, 8 to 10mm. The first burn should be approximately 1.5 to 2 hours or until the heat has created a wide melt pool to the edge of the container. We test between 18 and 22 degrees, and ambient temperatures will affect the burning of your Cera candle; if colder, or in a breeze, the melt pool may not go quite to the edge.
Dual wick: This is where it gets interesting. The dual wick candle is a different experience; the first burn can be as short as 0.5 an hour as the melt pool will develop quicker due to higher burn temperature. This will give you an almost instant fragrance hit for those who don’t have the time to wait. Once the melt pool has developed, the wicks can be blown out and the fragrance will continue to fill the room. Due to the burning properties of the fragrance in our Number 1 candle, it is only available with a dual wick.

We want your Cera candle to deliver scent in its cold or hot state all the way through. The oils and essences that we use give the most accurate representation of the scent.

Our candles come in our signature matt black glass 27 cl container, however we currently can offer all numbers in the range in two sizes of concrete container from our collaboration with Smith & Goat. The concrete containers are made to order and will take approximately 7 working days from order to delivery.


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